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Office Learning Pack (£19)
SoftPro1 produces affordable training content for beginners to advanced users.
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About: Excel started life as an alternative to Lotus 123, it quickly became a killer application for its wide use in different jobs at work and home. It is now part of the MS Office package for Windows XP and Vista. Head over to the Microsoft website now and download the free Excel trial. How to use VBA formula in Excel and Word. You can also buy the upgrade version online.

Word 2016 Step by Step

Microsoft Office gives you rich and powerful new ways to create professional looking documents easy. Create letters and reports in Word 2010. Design spreadsheets and analyze data in Excel 2010. Create and view presentations in PowerPoint 2010. This video course will introduce you to the personal finance in the Office 2010 suite. How to use Access to store your data in a secure database for the web. Includes Outlook for email and Publisher to create your own marketing blog. MS Office 2013 comes with pdf templates so you can start your new business at home. Download free training files for the online course and help videos on the new interface and features of the Office 365 program for Windows 7.
Excel 2016 Visual Guide

Microsoft Excel is the world's most popular spreadsheet program. If Excel 2010 can do it, this book will show you how. Turn financial data sets and sales numbers into spreadsheets. Understand formulas and functions, create charts and graphs. Summarize your data with PivotTables, and write code with Visual Basic for Applications. Student or professional, this guide you'll turn to again. The xls file works in office download to graph data set from business worksheets. You can download excel 2007 for budgeting, bookkeeping, and accounting. New excel add ins can convert to microsoft word like google docs and openoffice. This training works with Microsoft Excel 2010 but not the free Excel software half price.