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Windows Learning Pack (£29)
SoftPro1 produces affordable training content for beginners to advanced users.
Special Offer: Training Video + eBook (PDF) for only £29
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About: Windows 7 is designed to improve the performance of your personal computer, so it's faster, more secure, and more reliable. Explore the ways Microsoft Windows is been used in education and business from students to professionals. If you want to try Windows 7 then visit the Microsoft website and download the free trial version today. You can also purchase the upgrade version from an online shop.

Fundamentals of Windows 7

This video includes the latest information to help PC users succeed with Microsoft Windows 7. The best operating system for personal computers in information technology. Learn how to install Microsoft upgrades and download free system software. Learn about system requirements for Windows XP and Windows Vista, and how to find files on your PC or laptop using the new Windows Explorer. If your full version is 32-bit or 64-bit don't worry all support is covered here. Do you need simple instructions that show you how to use more than 100 Windows tasks. Play videos with Windows Media Center, configure an Internet connection, setup security and passwords, share media files on wi-fi network, manage computer hardware devices.
Windows 7 Visual Guide

This ebook gives you the know how to make the most of Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium. Discover how the experts keep their MS Windows system running smoothly. Get comfortable with the Win 8 interface, learn how to setup firewalls and stop malware. Master the taskbar and Start button, customize boot and login screens. Develop a recovery plan to help restore your desktop PC in the event of a disaster. Order a cheap laptop computer and visit the many online shops to buy a download version for free. Windows 7 Professional is available on some all-in-one notebooks with the Intel or AMD cpu. Some home servers with Remote Desktop Connection feature can run 64-bit programs on the graphics card.